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...affordable art online by Galerie Birch

The legendary Danish modern art Galerie Birch (1946),
especially known for CoBrA art, is now launching a new
initiative: Birch Copenhagen…

...an online gallery with modern art at affordable prices.

Birch Copenhagen offers the very best of mordern art through paintings, litographs, watercolours, and sculptures from well known Danish, Norwegian and European artists.

Wapercolour on paper
76x56,5 cm
3.500 DKK

Akvareller af Uffe Christoffersen
Akvarel 2
Akvarel 3
Akvarel 26
Akvarel 7
Akvarel 11
Akvarel 12
Akvarel 16
Akvarel 17
Akvarel 18
Akvarel 4
Akvarel 19
Akvarel 20
Akvarel 21
Akvarel 22
Akvarel 23
Akvarel 24
Akvarel 25
Akvarel 5
Akvarel 27
Akvarel 28
Akvarel 6
Akvarel 8
Akvarel 9
Akvarel 10
Akvarel 13
Akvarel 15
Akvarel 1

NEW: Watercolours by Uffe Christoffersen

The Danish painter, Uffe Christoffersen, has been painting tigers for almost a lifetime. As a child he lived i Kenya and was facinated by the wildlife and especially the predators in the wild.

Henceforth, he never needed another motif for his expressive and experimental paintings.

Check out these fabulous watercolours

Watercolour on paper
Approx. 20X20 CM
3.600 DKK

Uffe Christoffersen

Born 1947, Denmark

Danish painter and graphical artist

Uffe Christoffersen, who studied with CoBrA painter, Eigill Jacobsen, is an old friend of Galerie Birch and his colourful tiger motives have made him a well know Danish artist. Uffe's first exhibit at Galerie Birch was in 1990 and he has been with us ever since.

For Birch Copenhagen, he painted a series of 44 watercolour paintings, which we can sell at very affordable prices. They do, however, still have the life and drama which is known and loved in Uffe's motives.

Check out the full series in the Webshop, look for watercolors by
Uffe Christoffersen and locate your favourite motive.
Price only DKK 3.600


You see a piece you really like?... but it's really too expensive for now? Don't worry, we are hally to help.
At Galerie Birch you can usually make an agreement to split the payment over up to 12 months. simply get in touch, let us know which piece you are interested in, and tell us how you would like to pay.


1. Richard Mortensen_komposition uden titel_tusch på papir 75x56 cm
2. Richard Mortensen_komposition uden titel_tusch på papir 75x56 cm
3. Richard Mortensen_komposition uden titel_tusch på papir 75x56 cm
4. Richard Mortensen_komposition uden titel_tusch på papir 75x56 cm
5. Richard Mortensen_komposition uden titel_tusch på papir 75x56 cm

Richard Mortensen

1910 - 1993


Painter, graphical artist and art professor

Richard Mortensen is among the most important Danish modern artists. He took part in the launch of surrealism in Danmark, and like the CoBrA artists and influencers such as Ejlar Bille and Robert Jacobsen, he had an enormous influence on Danish and European modern art.

Birch Copenhagen has just put five totally unique ink drawings by Richard Mortensen for sale.

Ink on paper

75x56 cm.

7.500,- DKK each


We send out news from the art world, new events at 
the gallery and news of hot art at Birch Copenhagen.


1.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.88_90 1993_76x56,5 cm
13.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.55_60 2007_76x56 cm
14.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.54_60 2007_76x56,5 cm
15.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.51_100 1988_76x54 cm
2.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.9_90 1991_73x55,5 cm
7.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.7_90 1991_74x55 cm
8.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.5_120 u.å_53,5x76 cm
10.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.88_90 1993_76x55 cm
11.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.E.A 1993_76x53,5 cm
12.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.7_100 2000_76x54 cm
9.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.77_90 1993_75x56 cm


76x56 cm.

3.000,- DKK each

31.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 80x60 cm
32.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 80x60 cm
35.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 80x60 cm
33.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 80x60 cm
34.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 80x60 cm

Oil on Canvas
80x60 cm.

12.000,- DKK each

3.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.18_30 2012_75,5x55 cm
4.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.18_30 2012_75,5x56,5 cm
6.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.17_30 2012_75,5x55,5 cm
5.Jan Sivertsen_litografi ex.24_30 2012_76x56 cm

Lithographies black/white
75,5x55,5 cm.

2.250,- DKK each

23.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 55x65 cm
21.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 55x65 cm
22.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 55x65 cm
24.Jan Sivertsen_Uden titel 2016. Olie på lærred 55x65 cm

Oil on canvas
55x65 cm.

8.000,- DKK each

Jan Sivertsen

Born 1951, Copenhagen
Danish painter and sculpturer

Jan Sivertsen is one of Birch Copenhagen's favourite artists. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under Robert Jacobsen and since the early 1980s he lived and worked in Paris.

First, he worked closely with Børge Birch and later on with Anette Birch. Due to this strong relationship, Birch Copenhagen has the opportunity to put lithographs and paintings by Jan Sivertsen for sale at affordable prices.

See the full range in the Webshop.


2.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2013_50x49,5 cm
3.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2017_50x49 cm
4.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2017_50x49,5 cm
1.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2017_50x49,5 cm
8.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2015_50x50 cm
10.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2014_49,5x50 cm
5.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2015_49,5x49 cm
7.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2014_50x49,5 cm
9.Nes Lerpa_akvarel uden år_49,5x49,5 cm
6.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2015_50x49,5cm

Watercolor on paper

49,5x50 cm.

3.500,- DKK each

Nes Lerpa

Født 1942, Copenhagen

Danish painter and cheramic

Nes Lerpa is a Danish artist closely associated with Galerie Birch, and we have the pleasure to exhibit some of his unique ceramics at the Birch Copenhagen gallery.

Nes Lerpa also created a series of beautiful watercolours for Birch Copenhagen which we offer for sale in our webshop.

13.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2017_65x50 cm
12.Nes Lerpa_akvarel 2017_64,5x50 cm

Watercolor on paper

65x50 cm.

4.500,- DKK each


Copy of LKC_4252
Copy of LKC_4254

Lucky Parcel (2018), Bronze

7x14x11 cm, Unique

3.200,- DKK

Copy of LKC_4247
Copy of LKC_4244

Little Bronze Bag (2018)

29x16x9 cm, 2:5 pcs.

9.000,- DKK

Copy of LKC_4249
Copy of LKC_4251

Thai Take Away Box, Bronze

16x11x8 cm, 6:40 pcs.

4.200,- DKK

Lise Honoré

Born 1940, Copenhagen
Sell taught painter,
seriegraph and ceramics

Since the 1970s, Lise Honoré worked with every-day-design, and she created series of bronze sculptures, which we are delighted to offer at Birch Copenhagen at affordable prices.


Affordable art online by Galerie Birch

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